Singapore – IMO Third Country Training Programme (TCTP)

Through the Singapore-IMO Third Country Training Programme (TCTP), Singapore has been sharing its maritime knowledge and experience with over 1,900 participants from over 80 countries from regions such as Asia, Africa, Americas, Caribbean, Middle East and the Pacific Islands since 1998.

Aligned with the IMO’s objective of “promoting safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans”, the Singapore-IMO TCTP Memorandum of Understanding was the first of its kind in institutionalising a member State’s commitment to the IMO’s Integrated Technical Cooperation Programme. The MOU was extended indefinitely in 2000.

Under the Singapore-IMO TCTP, courses are conducted either in Singapore or in countries covered under the geographical scope of the MOU. As an IMO Council member, Singapore will strive to continue delivering relevant courses to even more IMO member States under the Singapore-IMO TCTP.

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Courses in 2017
  • Regional train-the-trainer course for simulator trainers and ECDIS instructors (for Pacific Islands), Fiji
  • Regional training course for instructors, which is based on IMO Model Course 6.09, Egypt
  • Regional workshop on assessing, authorising and monitoring recognised organizations (RO Code)
  • Global Maritime Energy Efficiency Partnership (GloMEEP)- Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre, Singapore 

Courses in 2016
  • Regional Training Course for Auditors, Busan, ROK
  • Regional Seminar on Recent Amendments to MARPOL Convention, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Regional Workshop on IMSAS, Singapore
  • Regional Workshop on the Ratification and Implementation of the Hong Kong Convention, Accra, Ghana
Courses in 2015
  • Regional Training Course for Auditors,  Ghana
  • Regional Workshop to Increase Awareness of the Biofouling Guidelines,  Namibia
  • Regional Workshop to Follow-up and Update the Regional Strategy and Action Plans to Implement the Ballast Water Management Convention,  Thailand
  • Regional Workshop on the Development of a Regional Spill Contingency Plan for ASEAN, Singapore
  • IMO Regional Training Course for ECDIS instructors,  Ghana
Courses in 2014
  • IMO Member State Audit Scheme (IMSAS) Workshop for Eastern and South African Region, Namibia
  • Regional Workshop to follow up and update the regional strategy and action plan to implement the BWM Convention in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, Saudi Arabia
  • Workshops on Audit Scheme, Palau & Tonga
  • Regional Train the Trainer Course on ECDIS, Singapore
  • IMO Regional Seafarer Training Assessment and Examination of Seafarers, Fiji