Vessels Departing from Singapore

Vessels departing from Singapore need to make notifications and declarations, and follow the relevant procedures and guidelines.

Port Clearance

An owner, agent or master of a vessel must make a declaration before departure.

Declaration requirements on departure

An owner, agent or master must make a declaration before the vessel’s departure from Singapore.

Declaration submission

The declaration requires the submission these documents:

  • Two copies of the completed General Declaration (Complete all the details including the departure date of the vessel and the GDV number. The GDV number for arrival and departure is the same for each port call.);
  • Certificate of Registry;
  • Load Line Certificate;
  • Passenger Ship Safety Certificate (for passenger vessel only);
  • Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate;
  • Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate;
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate;
  • Certificate of Insurance or other Financial Security in respect of Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage (CLC 92). This applies to a vessel carrying in bulk a cargo of more than 2,000 tonnes of persistent oil;
  • Certificate of Fitness issued pursuant to IMO Codes on vessels carrying liquid bulk dangerous substances (including liquefied gases);
  • Crew List (in duplicate);
  • Passenger List, if applicable (in duplicate);
  • International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) Certificate with approved Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP) and if applicable, compliance with Regulation 13G and 13H of Annex I to MARPOL 73/78;
  • International Tonnage Certificate (ITC69);
  • Certificate of Insurance for passenger vessel;
  • International Safety Management (ISM) Code with approved Document of Compliance (DOC) and Safety Management Certificate (SMC);
  • International Ship Security Certificate;
  • International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate;
  • International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate;
  • Bunker Convention Certificate

The agent will get back the originals of these certificates after inspection. MPA accepts certified true copies of these certificates endorsed by the proper issuing Authorities in the absence of the originals. These statutory and mandatory certificates of the vessel shall be in force when the vessel proceeds to the sea.

Safety Equipment Certificate of heavy-lift vessel loading oilrig

The total number of people onboard a heavy-lift vessel loading an oilrig and the riding crew must be within the total number of life-saving appliances stated in the Safety Equipment Certificate at the time of departure. A dispensation from the flag State of the heavy-lift vessel is required if this criteria cannot be met.

Manning requirement

The Shipping Division of MPA conducts safe manning checks for Singapore-registered vessels. Call 6375 6224 for any enquiries.

Issuance of Port Clearance Certificate

MPA issues Port Clearance Certificates (PCC) to vessels that have met the requirements above and paid the port dues. The agent should ensure receipt of all the vessel’s documents before leaving the counter at OSDC.

Section 46(1) of the MPA Act (Cap.170A) requires that all vessels leave the port only when the Port Master grants port clearance.

From Jan 2004, MPA has been issuing PCCs that are printed on plain paper. A sample copy of this new format and layout can be seen here.

Anyone who wishes to confirm the authenticity of a PCC issued by MPA can visit They will be prompted to enter a combination of details found only in the PCC and if correctly entered, receive confirmation of its authenticity.

Departure within 48 hours

A vessel must leave the port within 48 hours or a shorter period specified by the Port Master after obtaining the port clearance according to Section 47(1) of the MPA Act (Cap.170A).

An agent must return the Port Clearance Certificate to the Port Master within 6 hours after the departure period if the vessel failed to depart during the departure period. Obtain a fresh port clearance if required.

Vessel not granted Port Clearance

These vessels will not receive port clearance:

  • Vessels arrested by the Sheriff of the High Court;
  • Vessels detained for non-compliance with provisions of the MPA Act (Cap.170A) or any other written laws; or
  • Vessels with owners or masters who have failed to comply with the provisions of the MPA Act (Cap.170A) or any other written laws.
  • Vessels with owners or masters charged with an offence under any of the provisions of the MPA Act (Cap.170A) or any other written laws.

Electronic Port Clearance (EPC) scheme
The shipping community may choose to carry out port clearance formalities for vessels at the offices of shipping agencies by using the EPC via Marinet.

EPC users can apply and obtain port clearance for vessels when they undertake and declare that their vessels are properly crewed, and possess the valid certificates and documents. EPC users need not present the original certificates for inspection at the OSDC before the vessel’s departure with this undertaking. However, EPC users should submit copies of the certificates to the OSDC if the last recorded status with the MPA has expired or changed. Please click here for the general guideline on the vessel trading certificates required.

EPC users no longer need to submit the last port clearance certificate and departure crew list and/or passenger lists to the MPA’s OSDC (since 1 March 2008). EPC users only need to retain the vessel’s last port clearance and departure crew list and/or passenger list for 3 months. EPC users will still need to produce the required documents for the MPA’s sighting during audits. Any wrongful declaration may lead to prosecution action. 

Submission of Arrival and Departure Application via Immigration & Checkpoints Authority's CREW System

For crew and passengers arriving in Singapore by sea from a place outside Singapore or due to leave Singapore by sea to a place outside Singapore, the shipping agent is required to submit the vessel's arrival and departure clearance applications at least 6 hours but not more than 72 hours prior to the vessel's arrival and departure. Please refer to for more information. Please note that this is in addition to shipping agent's arrival and departure declaration to the MPA.

Contact information 
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Declaration for Vessel Being Shipped Out of Singapore

Vessels shipping out of Singapore must make a declaration.

As part of the port clearance process, vessels shipping out of Singapore are required to make a declaration. This is done via Marinet.