Crew change (international)

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) recognises the critical role that seafarers play in global seaborne trade, as well as the importance of crew change to safeguard the health and safety of seafarers sailing on board ships. With that in mind, MPA has been facilitating crew change under various circumstances.

MPA will consider the following circumstances in accordance to latest Port Marine Circular related to crew change for applications:
  1. crew whose employment contract has expired;
  2. additional crew on board whose sign-off would not affect the safe manning of the ship;
  3. change of crew due to the sale or purchase of ship;
  4. personnel who are not part of the ship’s crew such as superintendents and service engineers;
  5. compassionate grounds e.g. death of family member; or
  6. the crew is no longer medically fit to work onboard the ship.
If you wish to carry out crew change in the Port of Singapore and your request meets any of the above-mentioned circumstances, please submit a preliminary request via the following link:

Note that we will request for more information and documents at a later stage after we have assessed your preliminary request.

Long-term Pass Holders signing off from vessel in Singapore, shall obtain Safe Travel approval and adhere to the SHN requirement set by MOH guidelines.

Please find the other useful documents relevant to the crew change application below.

Usage of CrewSafe accredited facility
The Singapore Shipping Tripartite Alliance Resilience Fund Taskforce (SFTF) has developed a CrewSafe audit programme that endeavours to assist crew source nations to bring a higher level of confidence and quality control checks into crew change processes such as quarantine/holding, medical and swabbing facilities. Please refer to this link for more information regarding the CrewSafe audit programme and a list of CrewSafe accredited facilities.

For sign-on crew who undergo the protocol under these CrewSafe accredited facilities, his or her crew change application may be given the following concessions:
  1. Submission of crew change application must be made at least 7 days in advance, instead of 14 days;
  2. If a sign-on crew undergoing the CrewSafe protocol is cancelled, direct replacement for this crew will be allowed if the replacement has been undergoing CrewSafe protocol for the same required duration, instead of having to re-submit a new application and re-start the process.
  3. At Singapore, sign-on crew who had undergone the CrewSafe protocol may stay at the designated holding facilities for up to 3 days, if required.

NOTE: In the online application form, please submit separate applications for sign-on crew following the CrewSafe protocol and for those who are not. Applications with a mix of crew undergoing and not undergoing CrewSafe protocol will not be given the above-mentioned concessions. Please indicate in the Remarks section that the crew in the application are undergoing the CrewSafe protocol.

Useful Documents
* Application guide (Crew details) excelsheet (excelsheet upload function only for new Crew Change System) *New*