Registration of Pleasure Crafts

What are the pre-requisites to register a pleasure craft under the Singapore Flag?

Pleasure craft owned by a person who is ordinarily resident in Singapore may be registered with the Singapore Registry. The term "ordinarily resident" means the place where the person habitually and normally resides from choice and for a settled purpose apart from temporary or occasional absences. "Care Of" addresses are not acceptable.

Can I charter out my pleasure craft for commercial use?

No. The craft registered is to be used exclusively for the purpose of pleasure and not offered for commercial use or reward.

I intend to sail out my pleasure craft on an international voyage. What is the maximum number of passengers allowed to be carried on board?

The number of passengers allowed must not exceed 12. Pleasure crafts that carry more than 12 passengers on an international voyage, under Singapore Flag Regulations, will be considered passenger ships and hence will be required to comply with our Merchant Shipping (Special Limits Passenger Ships) Safety Regulations.