Incidents in Port

Reporting & Investigation of Incidents

What are the reporting procedures which Singapore flag vessels have to comply with when they meet with an accident?

Owners and masters of Singapore ships are required to report any accident where:-

  • a ship has sustained or caused an accident which results in loss of life or serious injury to any person; or
  • damage to the ship or her equipment has been sustained; or
  • a ship has been stranded or involved in any collision; or
  • a ship has been in a position of great peril.

They are to report to the Director of Marine within 24by post; or hours, or as soon as possible, in accordance with the provisions of section 107 of the Merchant Shipping Act (Cap 179). The reporting form can be downloaded from MPA's Shipping Circular No. 6 of 2010.

Does MPA conduct investigation into the cause of the accident?

MPA conducts post-accident investigations on incidents involving a Singapore-flagged ship irrespective of where the incident takes place. Investigation is also conducted on incidents that happen within Singapore territorial waters, irrespective of the flag of the ship. In order to conduct investigations its officers may:-

  • board and inspect any part of the ship;
  • require books, certificates and documents to be produced;
  • muster the crew and passengers and require them to answer questions; and
  • require the ship to be taken into a dock for hull surveys.