Information for Owners/Managers

Owners and Managers of Singapore-Flagged Vessels

Dual Flagging is not permitted

  • Owners and managers of Singapore-flagged vessels are to note that dual flagging is not permitted. Singapore-flagged vessels that is found to be dual flagged will be deregistered as the vessel will not be allowed to remain in the register of the Singapore Registry.

Vessel's Seaworthiness

  • The vessel’s class must be maintained at all times. You are to take immediate action and make arrangement with the classification society that class the vessel to reinstate the class for reason if it has been suspended or withdrawn. Vessel which failed to maintain class will be deregistered as the vessel will not be allowed to remain in the register of the Singapore Registry.

Reporting on Any Changes in the Registered Particulars of the vessel

  • Any changes to the registered particulars of the vessel as declared during vessel registration such as gross tonnage, type of vessel, changes to the manager, designated person ashore (DPA) and company security officer (CSO) are to be reported to the Registrar of Ships by writing to, as soon as practically possible. Where applicable, the notification is to be accompanied with supporting document evidencing the change in particulars.

Report on the Loss of Vessel's Statutory Certificates

  • You are to report to the Registrar of Ships on the loss of certificates such as the Certificate of Singapore Registry, Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR), Civil Liability Oil Pollution Damage certificate (CLC), Civil Liability Bunker Oil Pollution Damage certificate (BCC) and Long Range Identification Tracking (LRIT) Conformance Test Report. A statutory declaration (SD) would have to be made and submitted to the Registrar of Ships. A replacement certificate would be issued in exchange with the SD.

Reporting of Incident

  • Non-Security Related Incident

Owners and managers are to report all accidents and shipping casualties to the Director of Marine within 24 hours, or as soon as possible, in accordance with provisions of section 107 of the Merchant Shipping Act. Failure to comply with this section without reasonable cause is an offence which carries a maximum penalty of S$10,000 fine. Please refer to Shipping Circular No. 4 of 2007.

  • Security-Related Incident

Owners and managers are reminded that any marine security-related incidents involving Singapore-registered vessels should be reported to MPA. The reporting should be made by completing the 'Security Incident Form'. More details can be found in Shipping Circular No. 6 of 2010 (Annex A). The 'Security Incident Form' can also be obtained from the circular.

  • Circulars and Notices

The circulars and notices here are applicable to you and your Managers as well as Masters and crew of Singapore-registered vessels. They provide updates on developments within the Singapore port as well as international guidelines/regulations on ship, crew and port operations, among other areas. You are encouraged to visit this section regularly to keep yourself abreast of the developments, or get notified of new circulars and notices through e-mail.