Singapore Port Information



The publication contains quality colour chartlets, showing important maritime information in the Singapore Port Waters as well as the Straits of Malacca and Singapore.

The publication is a compendium of essential maritime information including operational information and regulations such as:

  • Guide to VHF Communication
  • Pilotage Guidelines and Procedures
  • Port Clearances and Reporting
  • Port facilities and guides to major port entry
  • IMO adopted separation schemes, the routeing system in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore

In addition, this publication also provides the following:

  • Characteristics of all the aids to navigation along the Singapore Strait and Singapore Port Waters
  • Catalogue of Nautical Charts

A comprehensive reference in graphical and textual form for all Singaporean and Dual Badged Charts. This catalogue gives full details for each chart. Details of chart agents and appointed Singapore Electronic Charts (ENC) distributors are also included.

To whom will it be useful

Mariners, shipping communities, port users and other interested users.

Singapore Port Information 2024

(Updated to 1 May 2024)

The publication contains information received up to Singaporean Notices to Mariners (SNM) Edition No. 05 of 2024. Subsequent amendments to this publication will be updated into this document and also included in Section III of the SNM. You are strongly advised to refer to the latest edition of this publication available on this page, for your intended use. SNMs are issued monthly and are available at the following link: Singaporean Notices to Mariners

Singapore Port Information 2024 (Updated to 1 May 2024)