Singapore Tide Tables


The Singapore Tide Tables contains tidal predictions covering stations in Singapore and selected stations along the Malacca Strait and is published annually.

This 275-page book contains Tidal Height and Tidal Stream Predictions covering stations in Singapore Port waters and selected stations along the Malacca and Singapore Straits. Mariners, shipping communities, port users and other interested parties will find this book useful.

The predictions consist of 5 main segments to facilitate easy reference:

  • High and Low Water Predictions
  • Hourly Tidal Height Predictions
  • Hourly Tidal Stream Predictions
  • Maximum and Slack Tidal Stream Predictions
  • Malacca Strait - High and Low Water Predictions

To improve the visual presentation of the predictions, bold black figures have been used to denote falling tide, and easterly tidal stream flow. Moon phases, e.g. full and new moon are also included in each calendar month to complement the prediction values.

Tidal heights are given in metres above Chart Datum (CD). The CD is the datum of soundings shown on the Singaporean Charts and Dual Badged Charts covering the area.

A table showing the various tidal levels eg. Mean High Water Springs, Mean Low Water Springs etc, at various stations with reference to CD is also included in this publication.

Singapore Tide Tables can be purchased from the following chart distributors:  

E.W. Liner Charts & Publications Pte Ltd
100 Pasir Panjang Road  
Singapore 118518  
Tel: (65) 6323 0773  
Fax: (65) 6323 0775  

Novaco Navigation Pte Ltd
3791 Jalan Bukit Merah
#05-07 E-Centre @ Redhill
Singapore 159471
Tel: (65) 3163 3253

OneOcean Maritime Solutions Pte Ltd 
230 Victoria Street  
Level 15, Bugis Junction Towers   
Singapore 188024   
Tel: (65) 6545 9880      

Weilbach Singapore Pte Ltd  
237 Alexandra Road
#06-18 The Alexcier
Singapore 159929 
Tel: (65) 6273 0833